Sat 28 Nov: Lewes All Saints 

Preview tour of a one man show by poet John Agard, developed in partnership with LLL.

Roll Over Atlantic is a satirical revisting of Christopher Columbus and his 'discovery' of The New World. A voyage in verse, performed against an evocative soundscape of Atlantic murmurings, with Agard variously taking on the voices of Columbus, The Atlantic, a native shaman and the Mighty Mosquito. A mischievous one-man show mixing the tides of cabaret, calypso and the absurd. 

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Polskie Powiązania

(Three events with Polish links)

All Saints Centre, Lewes

2.30pm: Cedars of Walpole Park. Launch of a new poetry collection in English and Polish by Maria Jastrzębska. Supported by the Polish Cultural Institute.

4.00pm: Behind the Curtain. Illustrated talk by artists Andrzej Klimowski & Danusia Schejbal from their graphic novel about attending art college in communist Warsaw during the 1980s; a time when a Polish Pope was elected, Solidarity Free Trade Unions were formed and, eventually, tanks appeared in the streets.

6.00pm: My Mother's Laugh. Rehearsed reading of a new theatre monologue written by Leah Roshinsky, performed by Eleanor Buchan & directed by Mark C. HewittThirty years ago a North London Jewish mother died in a car crash. Why did it happen? What pressures was she under? Her daughter has to know.


Tuesday 8 December, 7:45pm

Lewes All Saints Centre 

Three critically acclaimed writers and a writer/painter discuss the inspiration they draw from the South of England, and Sussex in particular; its landscapes, towns, characters and history.  With Iain Sinclair, Lee Rourke, Suzanne Joinson & Julian Bell.

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a boxed set of original postcards

Following Lewes Live Lit's photographic installation at Eastbourne Station, the collection of 24 postcards that accompanied Lisa Barnard's large hanging portaits can now be bought online as a boxed set.

See the complete collection of cards by visiting Artistic Director Mark Hewitt's website: Home » Galleries » Polska by the Sea » postcards

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