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Mistakes - creative writing workshop

Mistakes Everyone Makes in ther Twenties

Creative Writing Workshop with Rachel Shorer

Sat 14 January, 11am-1pm

Drunken exploits, regrettable romances and embarassing outfits: there are a lot of ways to mess up in the first decade of adulthood. Whether your twenties are behind you or you’re still struggling your way through them, join poet Rachel Shorer to make the most of your mistakes by writing about them.

This workshop - which will be held at LLL's workshiop space in central Lewes -  will playfully explore youthful mistakes in order to inspire you to write poetry, fiction or memoir. New and experienced writers welcome. 

Workshop spaces: £5 - available online here.

Rachel will be performing her debut spoken word production, 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties, at The Writer’s Place, Brighton on Friday 25 November and Saturday 26 November at 8pm. Performance tickets available from New Writing South.

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