Promenade was a celebration of Eastbourne seafront  in one very long image and a collection of words. Internationally acclaimed photographer, Malcolm Glover produced an 8 metre long panoramic timescape depicting people chatting on a row of benches on the seafront promenade whilst the text beneath – on a floor vinyl designed by Michael Munday – is drawn from the overheard fragments of passing conversations, collected and recorded by writer Mark C. Hewitt.

The photographic banner  was displayed hanging from a crossbeam in the roof of Eastbourne Station from July till September 2012.

The project was developed as part of Word County for East Sussex Arts Partnership and aimed to capture the elegant seafront façades of this quintessentially English seaside town as well as the multicultural diversity, complexity and vibrance of its social mix, challenging perceived stereotypes and supporting shared identity and social cohesion.

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The photographer

Malcolm Glover studied Documentary Photography at Newport Gwent and at the Royal College of Art. His work has been exhibited widely around the U.K including the National Portrait Gallery, Cornerhouse, Photofusion, Towner Gallery and the Independent Photographers Gallery. He has been commissioned to make photographic timescapes for numerous hospitals across Britain as well as at airports, schools and football stadiums. He has been artist in residence at a range of galleries across the UK. His photographic work has two main strands: current work involving the use of digital technology to produce large-scale prints and documentary photography. Both strands of work encompass diverse communities and subjects. He is currently portraying 25 streets throughout Britain, each photographed at 45-minute intervals throughout the day, between the hours of 8am and 7pm; the images are then knitted together and manipulated on a computer to create a single image of the entire street. The resulting image is constructed in such a way as to create a physical tracking shot, giving the impression of a cinematic experience. Malcolm Glover is represented by Lucy Bell Fine Art Photography Gallery.

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The text

Text was developed by LLL's Artistic Director, Mark C. Hewitt, and is drawn from actual lines of conversation overheard on Eastbourne's seafront promenade. A few classy examples are given below.


"How are your legs?"

"No, wait wait wait wait! I still got my watch on!"

"She doesn't need to. She's got a multi-millionaire boyfriend."

"I'm going to see how many colours this can make my tongue go."

"Get a load of crabs, get a load of booze, and just get smashed, with fish.

"... went really brown ... really brown armpits ... bit silly ..."

"I'm surprised they don't dress a bit differently, especially Tina, but then she's worried about her legs."

Design and installation

Floor vinyl, posters and print designed by Michael Munday.


Artwork installed by Standard 8.

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